Love Marriage Procedure Noida

Love marriage in arya samaj mandir Noida. First of all, tell about your plan of wedding and related problems to Harveer Shastri on 09891065166 After that, you can book any particular date as per your convenience for marriage. You can book a date on phone or while visiting our Mandir. You don't need to come if you book on phone. On telephonic booking you just need to tell your name, mobile number, address, date and time of wedding. Arya samaj marriage procedure is a very simple at arya samaj mandir Noida.

In Arya Samaj Mandir, there is no holiday and weddings are solemnized on all seven days of a week. You can get married even on Sunday or on festivals (festive days). Wedding is accomplished in the day and not in the night. It takes one and a half to two hours in wedding.

The day you come for wedding in our Mandir, you will have to bring certificates for proof of age and residence, 6 photographs each of bride and bridegroom, two witnesses.

If you have done the documents related formalities, then you can come for wedding the same day. But it becomes easy for us if you book 2-4 day ahead of wedding. Please don't come without informing us. Atleast make a telephonic call before you come. That makes easy for us.

When you fulfill above mentioned all formalities, then Panditji of Mandir will solemnize the wedding as per Shastras and with Hindu traditions while chanting Vedic Mnantras. Immediately after marriage, you will get a certificate of marriage.
The marriage certificate awarded by Arya Samaj is completely valid and getting which you become legal husband and wife. After getting Marriage Certificate, neither one can make any harm to you legally nor this certificate be challenged in any court. Furthermore, on the basis of this certificate you can register your marriage in Marriage Registrar Office.